Sugar, Insulin and Getting Fat

We all know sugar isn’t great for us. If you didn’t know that, it’s ok but please read until the end. As a society built on capitalism, we are taught, trained and conditioned to follow patterns that make corporations increasingly outrageous amounts of money.

Consider this, “Sugar production accounts for only 1.9% of the value of all U.S. crop production, but sugar companies’ PAC donations exceed those of all other U.S. crop producers combined.” Sugar is addictive, delicious and very cheap. Like cigarettes in the 80’s. But how is sugar bad for you? What’s it do?

Sugar Cycle, Simply Put

  • Eat sugar -> body releases insulin to bloodstream.
  • Insulin -> enables organs (muscles & fat) to absorb sugar.
  • Body builds a tolerance to insulin -> weight gain occurs. #InsulinResistance

Why We Become Fat 

When we become insulin resistant, our bodies increase the hormone (insulin) at an abnormally higher rate to have the same effect.

Like beer, the more often you drink, the better tolerance you have and the more beers you need to get drunk.

Eventually, your pancreas says f-you and quits. During all of this, your fat cells have been kicking back like the 1% taking all this extra sugar and storing it like the selfish a**holes they are. And they don’t donate and they don’t volunteer… willingly.

Introducing Type II Diabetes. Something like 1/3 of Americans develop this disease or currently live with it.

Good News & Bad News

Bad News First

More often than not, your friends like to see you fat, overweight and unhappy. They don’t hate you or do it purposefully. They probably don’t even know it. And regrettably it’s ordinary and yet very hard to believe. It’s easy to surround yourself with “friends” that encourage poor lifestyle choices. Why? Because it enables them to make poor choices with less guilt and by association, you’ll have less guilt as well.

Once you start to better yourself, they will be the first people to pull you off your path. They will want to get a pizza, stop at a drive through, go get a drink, skip your workout today or maybe this weekend You don’t really want it. You don’t want to get healthy and lose weight more than you want to eat a bag of chips. You don’t really want it badder than you want to watch that next episode of whatever is trending on Netflix. 

Until you decide that health, fitness and personal happiness are a priority – more important than the tv, sugary sodas or prepackaged meals – you won’t achieve your goals.

The Good News Is…

You can reverse insulin resistance. It might be best to speak with a knowledgeable professional, but at its root, eat;

  • high fiber foods
  • foods high in chromium
  • wild caught fish #Omega3s
  • foods with a low glycemic index (reduce natural blood sugar spikes)

and exercise. It’s also very important to have a massive amount of support from your friends and family. Odds are however, your family is part of the reason you’re unhealthy now. Everything you know about food was probably taught to you by them.

Look at their habits (but don’t judge them) and see if that’s how you’d like to continue your life. If so, do nothing. Continue to gain weight and put your health, body and happiness at risk. If you want to make a change, it’s important for you to understand that they will be triggers for you and approach with caution and a plan.

If you want to make a change, you may need a professional. Think about it like this – If your home was on fire you could do 1 of 2 things. Watch it burn or call the fire department.

“Everyone needs a hand sometimes.”

Most fitness professionals care about your goals. Trainers aren’t in it for the money, believe me. You’ll want to find a coach that cares deeply about your goals, special needs and interests.

To find the right trainer and gym, look for a positive atmosphere with lots of smiling people and be sure the trainer wants what’s best for you. Be weary if they push their goals off onto you. These are your goals and they should cater towards your needs always.

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Beaux Blackwood

Owner, Geauxfit Performance Training
Head Coach, New Orleans Fitness Meetup

We offer a free introductory consultation for anyone curious about what it’d take to reverse this cycle and live a healthier lifestyle. It’s free, non judgemental and designed for exactly your individual needs.

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