September MOTM

September Member of the Month

and other such FitFam News

Chelsie Martinez, September Member of the Month

Chelsie has been with us since April of this year and was the lone 6-amer for quite some time. Recently she's been joined by some awesome people in the morning crew! Always dedicated, even when she can't make 6am she shows up after work or on Sundays. She is always quietly supportive and encouraging of others while continually striving to do her best. I can't wait to see how much her lifts improve as she gets stronger since she has already come so far! Keep up the god work, Chelsie! We love having you as part of the community.

Also, she seems she really likes pink :)

new orleans metairie gym weightlifting snatch
not crossfit gym weightlifting clean

Big Things!!

Ok, so you guys already know about the programming Beaux is doing for you. (Please let him know what you like about it, how we can improve it for you guys, etc!) We are also changing the structure of our Training Camp or Foundations Program. While it will still be held 3 days a week, it will be for 2 weeks, and it will be a revolving program. What this means is each day will stand alone instead of building on itself. So, if you show up on a Wednesday and want to start, great! Jump into the next class on Thursday! Show up Monday, join the Tuesday class! We want to help people be healthy and happy, and hope that by lowering the barrier to entry it will help encourage people to start on their fitness journey with us. Classes will be held at 6:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and at 9:30am on Saturday. As always, if you see a new face in the gym, please say hi and introduce yourself. It can be super scary and intimidating to walk into a gym and sometimes a friendly face makes it easier.  

Slowly but surely we are trying to outfit the gym with additional equipment. This month: wall balls and jump ropes. We are waiting for November for some of the other stuff (KB, DB) since there are usually good sales at that time. 

Upcoming Events:

Monday, September 4th: Labour day

  • only one AM class at 8:30

September 11-16th: Free Week

  • We will be running a free week again for anybody who is interested in trying out our program 
  • Open to any and all, no sign up required

Sept 29th-Oct 1st: Pensacola Beach Brawl

  • We will be going to Pensacola to watch one of the largest and best competitions in the Southern Region. You can watch Coach K die (she is regretting falling off her cardiovascular conditioning already) and kick back in the sun on the beach.
  • Hotel accommodations Portofino- Call 877-484-3405 and mention Beach Brawl for 20% off. These are 2-3 bedroom sky homes and are perfect for a group. Large kitchen, large bedrooms, large balcony for awesome views. Hampton Inn- click Here For The Link to book a room.

October 28: Thriller Throwdown

Geauxfit Training gym halloween party costumes
  • Coed competition consisting of max snatch, max clean and jerk, and a 20m AMRAP.
  • Prizes will be given for the best team in each division, beginner (less than one year functional fitness experience) and advanced.
  • Early Bird special of $40/team will last throughout September, after which it will be $55/team.
  • Registration is open to people outside the gym but we will have a limited number.
  • Competition will begin at 2pm, followed by our annual Halloween Party. BYOB and wear your best costume!

November 18th: Turkey Classic

  • Weightlifting meet held at Redline Athletics in Mandeville (inside Crossfit Francos)
  • We had a great showing at the last meet, I encourage everybody to sign up and compete. It is a GREAT experience. You can totally compete as a beginner; in fact, I encourage it. 

Caboose Barbell Club

Wednesday, September 6th!! Join us from 7-8:30, and then come back again every Monday and Wednesday thereafter! I am so excited to be able to share my passion with you guys. Programming will be based on your Class of lifter. There will still be day time hours M/T/Th/F from 1-3:30 since I will not be lifting, just cocahing, in the evening.

weightlifting set up for jerk at GeauxFit Training in metairie and New Orleans
National level lifter Beaux Blackwood snatching at GeauxFit Training Caboose Barbell Club USAW in Metairie and New orleans
weightlifting jerk with good form at GeauxFit Training gym in Metairie New Orleans