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B3 Bootcamp: About Us

B3 bootcamp was created to give New Orleans moms and Metairie moms a challenging, time-efficient workout within a community of motivated, like-minded women. Led by Katie Gray, she strives to provide each and every person with a fun, challenging, life-changing experience that builds confidence, strength, and well-being. After over a year of coaching, Katie found that many of her female clients struggled to find the time or energy to workout because of their kids. Some couldn’t find a babysitter for the young kids, while others were just too exhausted. With so many women struggling with the same issues, Katie realized these moms needed a place where they are surrounded by positive, supportive women who felt the same way: B3 Bootcamp was born!

B3 Bootcamp is New Orlean’s and Metairie’s only dedicated bootcamp. It is not an added on class, it is its own unique bootcamp program. Moms are welcome to bring their other children- there is an area where children can hang out as long as they are old enough to be unsupervised during the bootcamp. Infants in strollers are also welcome, as well as children who can amuse themselves for an hour in a pack-n-play.

Bootcamp: What Is It?

Bootcamps are an interval type training program that mixes high-intensity training with strength building to help increase endurance, strength, and agility. B3 Bootcamp is located inside- unlike many of the local New Orleans Bootcamp and Metairie Bootcamp we will work out rain or shine! Don’t let the weather get you down. B3 Bootcamp focuses on bodyweight movements but does include kettlebell, dumbbell, and medicine ball movements as well.

B3 Bootcamp: Is It Right For Me?

B3 Bootcamp is designed for the local Metairie or New Orleans mom. We encourage an inclusive, body positive atmosphere that focuses on healthy living. Workouts are designed to accommodate a range of fitness levels, from the woman who just dropped her first kid off to school and has an hour to workout but has never done a single workout in her life…to the New Orleans mom who likes to run marathons in her spare time.

Can I Lose Weight Doing Bootcamp?

We know that losing baby weight can be hard (or near impossible!!) and that a lot of moms want to get back to their pre-baby body. It is no coincidence that we named B3 Bootcamp Before Baby Body!! Bootcamp style workouts are great for helping to torch calories and blast away body fat. New Orleans is a great place to live…but not always a great place to lose weight. We have meal plans available for those Moms interested and provide nutrition support as part of the program. Our goal is for you to LOVE your body and B3 Bootcamp will do everything in our power to get you back there!

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