October Member of the Month

Austin Winchester, October Member of the Month

Austin is both consistent and positive. It’s clear when he hears instructions since he makes a wholehearted intention to make adjustments. We’ve seen him leave his ego at the door more times than we can count and it’s paying off tremendously. Austin has come a long way and we couldn’t be more proud! He even stays after to get to know the bikes and rowers a little bit better. Austin is a great example of one of our members: hardworking, eager to improve and positive. We are so happy and honored to have him be a part of this community!

Plus, his style is pretty off the hook, don’t you say?


How Are You Enjoying the Programming?!!

As we enter week 4 of Beaux’s programming I wanted to check in and see how you guys are enjoying it, what we can do differently, and how we can improve for you. Please click here to fill out a super quick survey, your opinion means the world to us since YOU are why we do this!

I would like to welcome Becca, Emily, Will, Mysa, and Emily to the GeauxFit Family! Mysa and Emily are starting Foundations this week, while you may have met Becca and Emily in the evening and Will in the morning class. As always, if you see a new face in the gym, please say hi and introduce yourself. It can be super scary and intimidating to walk into a gym and sometimes a friendly face makes it way easier.

Slowly but surely we are trying to outfit the gym with additional equipment. This month we added 3 additional 35# KB and are on the lookout for deals for 5# change plates.

Take the Survey Here!!

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