November Member of the Month

one year transformation at GeauxFit Training gym in Metairie New Orleans

Whitney Wilson, November Member of the Month

Pictures say a thousand words, and the above image states all you need to know about Whitney’s work ethic. The photo on the left was taken at a half marathon about a year ago while the photo on the right is from our Thriller Throwdown last month. Her physical transformation is a credit to her hard work. Despite being a full-time law student, Whitney has been consistent and dedicated. She has not only worked hard in the gym—honestly, I can’t even count the amount of PRs she has had just in the past few months!—but she has also worked hard to change her diet and eat healthier. She is always there to cheer on her fellow members and encourages them to work on skills and mobility after class, leading by example. We might tease her for her constant question asking but we always appreciate her willingness to clarify for herself and possibly others! Whit, we are so proud of you, keep up the good work!

Gym Updates


  1. Starting this week, gym members will be required to park on the grass next to the gym OR in the parking lot before the empty lot next to the gym.
  2. Cars cannot be blocking the entrance to the side fenced in lot, ergo please do not park in the dirt area past the gym.

Side Room

  1. You may have noticed some activity in the old warehouse. Please welcome Kelsey Briner! She does personal training and was a coach at Crescent City Crossfit Elmwood, which has recently closed.
  2. You guys are more than welcome to use that space if you want to work on accessory or skill work as long as you are not interfering with personal training hours. While we do all share equipment, please be kind and clean and return things!

Heart Monitors

  1. Some of you may be wondering what’s with the newly installed television and why were some people are wearing heart rate monitors. We are implementing new things! This is a heart rate tracking option for all classes. We will have 2 HRM to borrow on a first come first serve basis, they will be set up for a 35yo male and a 35yo female.
  2. Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) must be ones that are the same system (you cannot use your old Garmin that is hanging around, I tried already!) so if you are interested in this, please let us know so we can help you buy the correct one.
  3.  Why would we implement this system? Because it’s fun to see your intensity levels in a class and you’ll have more data than just what you remember was your mental, relative intensity. This is just for your own amusement and measurement to use as you see fit and the coaches won’t use this data to push you past any comfort zones.
  4. Our program will not change, and you are under no obligation to purchase a HRM. This is simply a tool for you if you want!

Christmas Season

  1. The Garden Gates is starting Christmas season with Christmas Trees November 15th. There will be additional staff on the grounds for this, and the parking lot is reserved for tree customers.
  2. If you would like to purchase a tree, please visit their website here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 11th: North Shore Games

  • Scott and Whit will be competing, come cheer them on!

Saturday, November 18th: Annual Turkey Classic at Redline Athletics

  • Come join Caboose Weightlifting Club and cheer on your weightlifters!
  • Competing will be: Alie (at her first meet ever!), Alexis, Pops, Meredith, and Dylon.

Thursday, November 23rd: Thanksgiving

  • 1 class only!! We will have a sweat fest before you go gobble gobble all the turkey and pie.
  • 8:30-9:30 am class

Friday, November 24: GYM CLOSED

  • There will be no classes the day after Thanksgiving. Go for a walk with your family or unplug and watch Christmas movies and eat leftovers.

December 2: Ornament Painting and Dreidel Making

  • Join us for a fun-filled hour of painting your own wooden ornament or making a dreidel.
  • We will be painting will be from 10:30-11:30am, kids of all ages are welcome. Please RSVP so we can have materials for everybody!
  • Click here if you can make it!

December 16th: Holiday Party at Port Orleans + Naughty or Nice Fundraiser

  • We are going to go out after the Naughty or Nice Fundraiser. If you would like to donate a gift to a local kid in need, please register for the competition here. You do not have to compete, you can also simply bring a child’s toy if you want to donate.
  • Our annual Christmas Celebration will be at Port Orleans, wear your best holiday gear and join us at 6pm. They are kid friendly and dog-friendly with an outside area! Maybe if we are lucky it will be sweater weather by then!

Coach Beaux Thanks You!

Because of many of you guys, Beaux is able to continue pursuing his dream and attend the American Open Finals for Weightlifting in Anaheim California. We will be leaving for Anaheim, California Dec 7th but you can watch his journey on youtube! Click here to watch.

Fall Foods

If you missed my last blog on what to eat this fall season, read it here. It includes a ton of recipes to try as well. Beaux loved the spicy brussel sprouts!

It seems like there is a lot of info in this month’s newsletter. We have had a lot going on (congrats to everybody who did the Thriller Throwdown and high five on all the PRs!!) and I wanted to give you guys a heads up with December dates before everybody gets busy! Most of all, I want you guys to feel valued and listened to- while we digest the info you gave us in the survey please know your input is very important to us!

Happy Fall,

love, Coach Kristen



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