New Year, Who Dis?

Part 1

New Year, Who Dis?

Everythings going to change on January 1st.

I’ve heard more believable dreams from politicians. You’re the same person you were, just now, it’s 2018 and you gained 6lbs during the Thanksgiving and Christmas eating frenzy.

Why do people tend to gain so much weight during this time? I mean, it’s only 2 actual days of feasting.

Let me tell you why. It’s specifically because you’ve given yourself “one last hoorah” and you want to make the best of it. After all, you’re totally going to say no in the new year.

Because it’s the new year, the universe will grant you much more self-discipline to say no, choose the right food choices and decide to exercise instead of Netflix binge-watching The Office for the 4th time.

Let me be upfront with you right now, as your coach – if you don’t build the restraint tendencies to say no to bad foods, you’ll never be able to say no to bad foods on a consistent enough basis to make positive progress.

The human mind is like a muscle, it can be trained & exercised. It becomes stronger, develops new patterns and learns new things. But just like muscles, it takes practice, patience and hard work.

If you want to say no to donuts in your office – NEVER START TOMORROW! You are effectively conditioning your brain to always delay its ability to take control of its own choices. Sure, you can get rid of the donuts by throwing them out. In fact, that’s probably the #1 way to get past temptation is to avoid it all together. But there’s something else you can do to strengthen your resolve, to improve your brain’s long-term commitment. That is by taking every opportunity to say no to the bad stuff and yes to the stuff your body actually needs.

If you really want to make a change next year, you should start getting used to saying no to bad stuff, yes to the good stuff and begin to acclimate your body to exercise. Believe me, you don’t want to be in the gym January 1st, as a newbie with the 100’s of other newbies who don’t know what they’re doing. That feeling of ambition overwhelm will be toxic to your perseverance. Get ahead of the game and start your resolutions today!

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