May Member of the Month

May Gym News and Member of the Month

Steph Sherwood

Steph consistently shows up and puts in work. She always has a positive attitude- even when it comes to things she struggles with. She is working on getting her mobility and strength up and is blowing us away with how well she is doing. We are so glad that she has made this commitment to herself and that she believes in herself. Steph is encouraging of others and exemplifies the GeauxFit Training philosophy of be safe, work hard, have fun. Congrats, Steph!

Competition Class

For those of you who are competing or are interested in competing I will be running a class starting this Saturday from 10:30-12:00. It will will be May 6, 20, 27, and June 3rd. If you plan on coming to this class I suggest you do not attend class at 9:30am and that you eat a good breakfast and hydrate well.

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