March Member of the Month

Leon Ledet: Member of the Month

This guy increased his commitment by upgrading his membership and puts in a tremendous amount of effort to improve his Olympic lifts, strength, and endurance. Time and time again I’ve seen him push the pace and draw out the best in other members, not to mention the motivational texts he sends to others to keep up the consistency. His positive attitude, coachability, and encouragement of others are what we look for in our MOTM.

Big shout out to Leon Ledet for putting in the work it requires to scratch that GeauxFit itch!

Check us out!!!

Super cool stuff is happening at GeauxFit Training. We have a podcast (I know, awesome, right??) and so far have covered not only some mobilization, pain free fitness, and recovery pointers but also the fight of body image and some tips on how to love (or learn to love) the body you are in. Listen here and see what two of our own members (Meredith and Courtnie) have to say! Sign up and get notified when a new podcast is out- we’d love that 🙂

Do you struggle with weight loss? How about energy levels? Feeling more tired than you should? Read “Why Sugar (and sugar substitutes) Are Killing You” from our nutrition blog here.

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