June Member of the Month

We love that our community is growing and we want to be able to thank you for bringing members in to join you on your fitness journey! For the months of June and July, each person you refer that joins gives you a point. Each point enables you to acquire a prize. You can choose to cash in for your prize at one point, or wait and go for two, or even three. To help out, we will be running a week long “preview” week where for free your friend or family member can come try us out. You guys, as our ambassadors, will be given the ability to hand out 2 guest passes to this week long event. Guests will have to contact us to reserve a class to ensure we do not overfill classes so you guys can’t workout! Preview week will be the first week of July— we will have only one morning class for July 4th so we will still be open that Tuesday.  *referral must sign up for membership. 

June Member of the Month: Evan Wells

Big props to Evan. He takes whatever we can throw at him and always comes back asking for more. We know it can be really hard just starting out. You probably want to get to the bar and lift all the weights. You want to play on the rings and do all the handstand everywhere. It takes a courageous and smart individual to scale the program back and work on specific progressions in order to get better and build a stronger foundations. Evan is a shining example of the type of person who we believe will do very well. He is eager to get better and willing to do the work it takes to get there—taking the time to stretch at home and work on his weaknesses. We’re very happy to have him amongst our members, cheering on the sweaty beasts of burden and likewise leaving his residue of accomplishment on the floor.

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