July GeauxFit Training Member of the Month

And other such FitFam News!


Show off to your friends! #lookwhaticando Show off to your friends! #lookwhaticando

Preview Week is here!!

July 10-16th is Preview Week and we are so excited for you guys! This is an opportunity for you to share what you love. We have a limited number of VIP Passes available so please let us know if you want to bring a guest and we can help arrange that with an Ambassador.

  • Each pass is good for 3 FREE classes this week
  • Guests do have to contact us to reserve their spot in advance
  • Workouts will not have barbell movements and will be doable by all

Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 9th @ 7pm- Moonlight Paddle

  • Kayak or Paddle Board on Bayou St. John from 7-9 pm
  • This is a beautiful experience! Reserve your choice of water vehicle before you go since they do sell out at Bayou PaddleSports.com

Monday July 10th – Preview Week Begins

  • This is your opportunity to show off your happy place.
  • Don’t forget that July is Member Referral Rewards Month!

Friday, July 14th @ 6:30pm- Mixer

  • Preview Week Mixer: This is an opportunity  for your guests to come and hang out and experience our culture. It will be potluck/BYOB style to start at 6:30pm.
  • You do not have to have brought a guest to come hang our and socialize!

Saturday, July 15th @2:30pm- Volleyball

  • Come join us at Coconut Beach for some fun. You do not have to be an adept player at all!! We rotate in and everybody gets to play, no matter how good or bad you think you are, we ALL have fun. This is free to play, there is a bar and bar food available if you want.
  • Bring sunscreen!!

Monday July 17th – Training Camp Begins

  • No more Foundations. Our program will now begin with “Training Camp” which is the strikingly similar to the 3 week Foundations Program. Or precisely the same.
  • Training Camp is $150 for 3 classes, 3 times a week, for 3 weeks.

Saturday, July 22nd @1 pm- Sector 6

  • For all of you big kids out there we will be channeling our inner gymnast!
  • It is suggested you buy tickets ahead of time ($14/adult) click here

Saturday, July 29th – LA State Weightlifting Championship

  • Coach Beaux and Kristen will be lifting along with Meredith, Scott, and Ari. We would LOVE for anybody to sign up for this meet—you do not have to be a professional and this is a great first time meet. The weightlifting community is very supportive. Give it a try! If you are on the fence, ask me about it and we will discuss whether this is appropriate for you.
  • You can sign up here. Or on facebook here. It is at Redline Athletics (Crossfit Franco’s) on the Northshore. Click here for more info.
  •  Please come cheer us on- Ari’s session starts at 9am, Meredith and Kristen at 11am, Scott at 1pm, and Beaux at 3pm. You do not have to stay all day but it is fun to come and watch for a little while.

It's not often we look like pros playing volleyball, but when we do, we get it on camera #DoItForTheGram It’s not often we look like pros playing volleyball, but when we do, we get it on camera #DoItForTheGram

Member of the Month

Congrats Hollie! You're amazing - keep up the consistency and work ethic!  Congrats Hollie! You’re amazing – keep up the consistency and work ethic!

Hollie Dugas, GFT Member of the Month

Hollie has been with us ever since our very first Friends and Family day. While it did take a wee bit of convincing, once she started, she’s been one of our biggest fans! Her kind and positive words have encouraged others to join our program and remain consistent, hardworking members of the community. She has remained dedicated even while working through some body issues—not injuries but more old imbalances that have given her some trouble. Yet she worked on them, followed up with Dr. Ben regularly, and accepted (mostly) the modifications while she healed. Now she is back to full movements and doing amazing! We are so proud of you, Hollie!

Thanks for trusting us with your strength development. We are all inspired by your commitment and work ethic, even in the face of tendinitis limitations, and hope that you continue to enjoy your fitness lifestyle for years to come. Go, Hollie, GOOOOO!!!