See what people are saying about their experience with GeauxFit Performance Training:

I’m not just the head coach and owner, I am also a testiment to how finding the right workout regimen changed my life. I was 30 lbs underweight and getting constant running related injuries. I didn’t know what proper nutrition was- I was tired all the time and struggling with my moods. At 36 years old I now feel ten years younger!
— Kristen Markel
Running hurts but I have to say, I loved tonight. I truly feel that GPT has the perfect energy for getting healthy. Felt it the first time I was there. The only competition I feel is the voice in my head. Thanks for such a great place! Can’t wait to get stronger.
— Steph Sherwood
When looking for a new gym, there were certain non-negotiable qualities I needed: 1) Community 2) Challenge 3) Coaching 4) Fun. I took up GeauxFit Performance on their free first workout deal and never looked back. On my first day, I worked out with my own headphones in. I quickly learned to keep them out to better hear the coaching (#3, AKA I was doing everything wrong). The workout left me tired and had me wanting more (#2). After two weeks I was indoctrinated with the culture (#1) and started collaborating with other gym goers to make sure we were all going at the same time (#4). After 3 months, I’m miles away from where I was with miles to go with about 10 new best friends!!”
— Scott M.
Absolutely LOVED this gym, the programming, the coaches, and the community!!! I’m from Chicago and dropped in for a few days and had such great workouts that I kept coming back for more. If you’re visiting for work/pleasure or thinking about joining a new gym, sincerely look into this place. I travel quite a bit for work and visit several gyms around the country, and by far, this place beats them hand and foot! Great coaching and awesome cues! Thank you Kristen and Beaux! I’ll be back!
— Jessica Hylton
“I had a non-scale victory tonight! I’m currently wearing a dress I wore on our honeymoon (when I was 10 lbs lighter). I wore spanx during our honeymoon. I am NOT wearing spanx tonight! I still see the 230+ girl in the mirror more than I care to admit. I am slowly seeing muscles pop out and it is exciting! Thank you!
— Meredith Farris Maderra
I was working out every day just following on-line workouts and wasn’t seeing any results. After two weeks of working with Kristen I already felt a difference in how my clothes fit! I thought I was never going to lose the baby weight but now I am on my way. She provides nutritional support on top of my workouts that has really been the key.
— Sima Rozati, MD, PhD