April Member of the Month

Terry Blackwood

What Do You Know About Pops?

Terry (aka Pops) started working out with us about a year ago. He struggled with running even a 200 m due to years of smoking. He initiated a smoking cessation program and has become smoke free as of March. This is HUGE and we are so happy for him! Plus, his pant size has dropped from a (tight) 38 to a 32 and he ran a mile and half without stopping in February!!

Big shout out to Terry for quitting smoking and making his health a priority!!

April Contest: Creative Check-In!!
The first 3 weeks of April are a Creative Check in Contest…each week we will highlight the member who had the best, most creative check-in on Facebook. Prize for 1st Place will be awarded Friends and Family Day, March 22nd.

What this means: You can check in with a photo, a video, or a simple post. You can partner up, do it as a group, and go it alone. You can pit your class time against another class time. Creativity can be inspirational, motivational, or humorous. Your coaches are going to be participating in this so bring your A Game!!

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