In this episode, we discuss ways to trick, challenge, or cajole your kids into eating healthy. 

Episode 15: I Think We Lost It! What's Your Perception?

I think we lost it.  Kristen is away, we lost our focus and somehow we talked about 600 lbs bench, drugs, and doing curls.  Well, we also talked about perception.

Episode 14: How To Get In the Zone + LSD Seriously?

In this episode, Beaux, Kristen, and Chad discuss Sensory Deprivation and the use of Float tanks as part of Beaux preparation for weight lifting Nationals in Chicago.  They have a special guest from Nola Float tanks join in the conversation. 

Episode 13: 7 Ways to Energize Your Mood

In this episode, we discuss 7 ways to increase your energy to improve your mood and energy. Also, don't forget to check out Kristen's blog where she supplies you with links if you want to try any of the supplements!

Episode 12: 3 Ways to Lose Massive Fat Everyday

In this episode Chad, Beaux, and Kristen breakdown the 3 best foods to lose fat everyday. You might be surprised at what the number one food to help with fat loss really is!!  

Episode 11: How to Improve Fitness

In this episode, we discuss how to improve fitness and go over strength, endurance, and power.  To learn more, visit 

Episode 10: How Fit Are You?

In this episode, Chad, Beaux, and Kristen talk about testing your fitness level and using benchmarks to evaluate your fitness level.  

Episode 9: Mentally Tough

This week Beaux & Chad talk about the mental game and how to each of them have used it over time.  No Bruce Lee quotes but there are quotes. 

Episode 08: Mind Hacks for Better Performance Training0

In this episode, Chad, Beaux, & Kirsten talk about visualization and how the power of positive thoughts can improve your overall life.

Episode 7: Why Cardio Makes You Fat

In this episode, Chad, Kristen, and Beaux discuss why cardio makes you fat.  The discuss low intensity steady state cardio and high intensity interval training workouts. 

Episode 6:

Ever wondered what you should be eating and when you should be eating it pre & post workout?  Chad asks the questions to Beaux and Kristen to the get some simple answers for you.  

We discuss: 

  • Pre workout nutrition 
  • Post workout nutrition 
  • Carb loading 
  • Carb cycling 
  • Carb backloading 

Episode 05:

In this episode, we discuss the " Old, Fat, & Out of Shape" mentality of the 40-60 year-old that has a difficult time changing the directions.  Kristen, Beaux, and Chad ( the old guy) discuss both sides of the story.

Key Topics:  

  • What or How to Get Started  
  • Understanding Ego  
  • Celebrate Victories  
  • Motivation  
  • Ask Questions

Episode 04:

In this episode, we discuss overeating and how you can change your habits to promote a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Black & White Mentality 
  • The All or Nothing 
  • Emotional Eating 

Kristen and Chad even drift off topic and next thing you know, we have a conspiracy theory on our hands.

Episode 03:

In this episode, we explore how body image has created an unhealthy atmosphere for women.  We talk with Courtnie Breaux about her lifelong struggle with body image and how she finally found a way to overcome it. 

Episode 02:

Chad, Beaux, and Kristen discuss how to " recover" from workouts as well as things you can do to aid in recovery.  

  • Food Intake 
  • Supplements 
  • Sleep 
  • Massage, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture 

Episode 00:

Join Chad Harris, Beaux Blackwood, and Kristen Markel as they give you a glimpse into what 321 Geaux will be sharing over the course of each episode. 

Episode 01: Pain-Free Fitness 

Often the foundations to pain-free fitness are as simple as a proper warm up.  Many injuries can be avoided with the right warm up and understanding each movement.  Join our host Chad Harris and Beaux Blackwood as they talk about the how and why to pain-free fitness.