What to Expect from Group Training at GFT

As you begin your health and wellness (strength and conditioning) program with us at GeauxFit Training, your body will go through some really incredible changes. Clothes will fit more flattering, scales will start to move in the other direction, energy increases, social life improves and so much more. 

Here are some of the things you might have questions about as you go through your first weeks with us. 

Right off the bat, you’ll receive emails to help you get the most out of our program. We want to provide you with as many opportunities to succeed and answer questions as possible

1. The first thing you’ll notice is soreness, you’ll probably get used to it after a while and start to crave it with the passing of time. It will be less and less painful and you’ll start feeling stronger and stronger. Soreness comes from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and isn’t actually caused by “lactic acid”, but rather micro-tears in the muscle tissue (a good thing!). Read more about that here

Stretching afterwards helps get rid of soreness, #ProTip

Stretching afterwards helps get rid of soreness, #ProTip

2. You might start out still a bit confused or lost even after our Foundations Program. This is totally normal! Us coaches are here to help. Also, you can use other members as a resource. They’ve been in your shoes – they know exactly what you’re experiencing so please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Eventually, you’ll become familiar with the lingo and enjoy your new fitness language!


Coach Kristen teaches weightlifting to the group

Coach Kristen teaches weightlifting to the group

3. There’s a lot to learn about your body. You’re going to start understanding your limitations, find movements you really enjoy and some that you passionately hate. The ones you hate will end up teaching you most about yourself. Don’t skip the tough workouts, they are most likely the ones you need. 

4. The train has no schedule. it does what it wants when it wants. It will pass right as the class is about to start and, if you’re in a particular rush, stop on the tracks so the conductor can take a smoke break. If you’re mad at the train, blame it on Curt, he works on the railroad. (But don’t really, we give him enough grief on that already)

5. Every Sunday we send an email with the week’s workouts. Our goal is to help your fitness planning and preparation. 

6. If you stay consistent, you will achieve your goals. We guarantee it. 

If you have any questions you can speak with any of the coaches or email coach@321geaux.com

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