6 Mindset Tools for Success

We encourage the members of our community to become the best human beings possible. We train the bodies and education nutritional principals. But there’s one thing that all successful, happy and well-liked people have in common – they have a particular mindset towards themselves and others. 

In fact, the way you think about yourself and your peers will often have a profound effect on your relationships be it positive, non-existent or negative.

Here are the 6 tools we encourage our members to live every day. 

1. Supportive: We all need support sometimes. If you see someone struggle, it’s ok to encourage them, in fact, we encourage you to encourage them! 

2. Positive: Be positive with your words both internally and externally.

“So you think shall you become” Bruce Lee. 

3. Welcoming: Everyone is welcome at our gym. Be nice, be kind and welcome new people as you would like to be welcomed. Dale Carnegie said it best, and I’m paraphrasing here,

“Every person is your superior in some way and from that you have something to learn from them…”

4. Integrity: Don’t skip reps unless you talk to a coach first. Go to full depth unless it isn’t safe. Do the movements as written unless you’ve been instructed differently by a coach. If you begin cheating in these workouts, you might also catch yourself cheating in other aspects of your life. If you need to, just remember that I am always watching and always counting your reps. My high school football coach* told me this and I remember it to this day, 

“It’s what you do when no one’s looking that builds integrity”

5. Ego: The number one reason people get hurt is ego. That little voice that tells us we are the exception to the rule, we are somehow different organisms than everyone else. That little voice will get your hurt. Recognize it and whatever it says, do the opposite.

“Arrogance and self-absorption inhibit growth” Ego is the Enemy

6. Have Fun! Try not to take this too seriously. Sure we track your scores on the board, but it’s not a game of life and death. Don’t take this stuff too seriously (unless we’re doing potentially dangerous stuff like rope climbs or Max Effort Back Squats). If you stick with our program, you will achieve your goals, guaranteed. Taking it too seriously will only disrupt your mental flow state.

Practice one of these every time you go to an event, workout, have a meeting or do anything with other people. You will be further liked, appreciated and recongized as a friend. 

*He was really my math teacher, but I didn’t play football and he didn’t teach math so here we are. 

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