7 Ways to a Smaller Dress Size with Performance Training

Performance Training refers to the program, in its entirety, here at GeauxFit Performance Training. Our program will reduce cutaneous and subcutaneous fat, build skeletal muscular strength for the average person but can be scaled up to professional athletes and scaled down to those with disabilities. 

This program is for everyone, all we require is a positive attitude and commitment on your end. Below are the 7 ways in which you will lose fat though Performance Training. 

Metabolic Conditioning : The Method of Exercise

Let’s first define the term Metabolic Conditioning, or MetCon as i’ll refer for the rest of this article. MetCon workouts are designed to be performed with high intensity over varied time modalities in which the human metabolic system is challenged to adapt to higher levels of stress therefore burning fat while building lean muscle.

When we prescribe MetCons to our athletes, we have a particular goal in mind. We want to challenge you for a specific time duration. This duration changes frequently to address the 3 different energy systems our body uses and forces our bodies to constantly search for adaptation, which burns the most fat and builds the most muscle.  More on this in a later article. 

The After-Burn Effect : Fat Burning that Lasts

During the post workout time period, at least 10 hours afterwards, our body goes through a multitude of different process to replenish oxygen stores, ATP stores, creatine stores, remove lactic acid, repair muscle tissue, etc. This requires the body to work and therefore burn additional calories.

With our MetCon style of training, your body will burn additional calories for up to 72 hours post workout, contrary to steady-state cardio, which will only provide a meager 10 hour afterburn. If you’re doing steady-state cardio to lose weight, be careful because you’re going to end up losing significant strength and muscular development. 

Don’t let your gains stop in the gym – force your body to keep burning calories long after your workout with Performance Training.

Mindset Towards Food is Changed

Don’t be fooled, effecting change in the human body is hard freaking work. The workouts we do are not easy, but they are scalable so anyone can do them and anyone can do them with intensity. Given the nature of what you go through each workout, nutrition can make or break you.

If you don’t eat properly before a workout, your body will not respond well to the workload we impose on it. Food begins to take the form of fuel – the substance you consume to optimize performance. 

This mindset shift is remarkable. By your own will you begin choosing healthier foods. You’ll make better decisions, drink more water and start caring about what goes into your body. You become disgusted at the thought of consuming an entire pizza, sleeve of chips a’hoy or bag of chips. This change will provide incredible boosts to your fat loss and well as save you tremendous amounts of money!

Meal Plans that Force your Body into Using Fat for Fuel

If you struggle with diet, in addition to Performance Training program we offer meal planning. We set you up with a grocery list, macro nutrition guidelines and actual meals to prepare and eat. If you want to lose fat quickly, this is by far the best way to go about it. There’s not one single fitness professional that will disagree with us here – meal plans will even beat out exercise when it comes to fat loss. We offer this in addition to our program and have seen much success professional athletes cutting weight to everyday athletes looking to lose 20-100+ lbs.

We also work closely with Chomp Nola – a locally owned and operated food prep service. Many of our members pick up pre-made (and very delicious) meals that contain all natural, non-processed foods. These are a great idea for the busy professional that can’t make time to prepare meals in advance. 

Coaches that Keep you Accountable

Most people that fail fitness programs fail because of lack of accountability. With GeauxFit Performance Training, you’re not on your own. When you walk through that door, you see your coach. You have someone that tells you what to do, how to do it and why it’s important. If you subscribe to the meal plans, you have to report to your coach weekly.

We are in your corner every step of the way. If you’re super sore, something doesn’t feel right, or you just simply lack motivation – you have us, our knowledge and experience at your disposal. We keep you going, safely and confidently. We are here to make sure you reach your goals.

Social Influence Inside & Outside the Gym

You will go through some very tough workouts side by side with others that share your goals. These people enter into the same agreement as you – the agreement that no matter what, you finish. They become your life-blood. They motivate you, encourage you and make you feel at home the moment you step through that door. You won’t quit because they are there counting on you. They want to see you succeed just as much as you want to see yourself succeed. They are your iron family. They run with you, squat next to you and lie on the floor beside you exhausted physically and mentally from the workout that might have just changed your outlook on the maximum capabilities of the human body.

Pops and Curt in a team training session

Pops and Curt in a team training session

You won’t let these people down and they won’t let you down. So you continue. You finish the workout. You become stronger, leaner and more capable. 

You commit to a program that’s bigger than yourself

While you may initially believe this is about you, it’s not. Your health is yours, but the effect of your healthy lifestyle will bring to your friends, family, coworkers, dependants… That effect is monumental and can’t be understated. Your kids will see health as important. They will have a positive role model to live their lives by. They are less likely to abuse drugs & alcohol and eat excessive sugar.

You’ll be much more pleasant to be around at work. You’ll have more energy to take care of others and you’ll be happier. Your confidence will enable more opportunities for you to be involved in your loved ones’ lives. You’ll start saying yes more often because you’re not afraid to go out in public. Others will notice and appreciate this – I guarantee it. This will keep you going. This is why you’ll come back – not always for you, for others too. 

Karla decided to do this for her, but it's had profound changes on the people in her life too. 

Karla decided to do this for her, but it’s had profound changes on the people in her life too. 

What has most challenged you in the past? Time? Motivation? Commitment? Nutrition? Injuries?  Email coach@321geaux.com and tell us what your challenges are? What are your goals & what’s holding you back from achieving these goals? 

Also, you can go to www.321geaux.com to schedule a free intro 1 on 1 session with one our Master Coaches. 

“Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right.” 

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