2 Ways She Gained Confidence through Performance Training

I’m not going to butter this up for you – i’ll come right out and say it. If you want confidence you’ll have to start hitting PRs. What are “PRs”? Personal Records aka Strength Gainz.

That’s it, blog over. You’re done now.

But for those of you who want to keep reading and can actually understand my writing and have the patience for my continuous nature of large, rambling run on sentences, please continue as I share a story of GeauxFit Performance Training’s Member of the Month in July. I’ll attempt to illustrate how hitting Personal Bests will lead to a huge transformation in confidence.

One of our first clients (admittedly began because she is family) struggled with confidence often. It was very covert given her zealous & outgoing nature. She could talk to anyone about anything for any given amount of time. It wasn’t awful conversation either, there was just a lot of it and every bit of it was more enthusiastic than the last. You’d never mistake this person for someone who lacked the C word.

In reality, lack of confidence comes across very differently for everyone. For her, it was through her weight. She was skin and bones. She may have even qualified for a European modeling gig in the early 00’s if she were any taller than 5’3. Her exercise and lack of eating was an obsession to lose as much fat as possible making her body weak and frail.

“When your body is weak, so shall your mind be weak.”

I made that up because it fits what i’m trying to convey here. With the beginning of a new performance training program, she developed a different mentality towards exercise. A mentality that will ultimately build character through continued perseverance in the pursuit of strength. When the mindset was shifted from “be as skinny as possible” to “become a stronger human being” 2 things happened.

She Controlled Her Own Self Image

The value of her self image ceased to be in the hands of outside observers. Meaning, her feelings towards what other people think began to diminish. Less and less was she concerned with how she looked in the eyes of others because she was getting stronger. And not “getting stronger” in an abstract sense. Getting Stronger in a quantifiable, measurable way. She can draw a chart right now to show explicitly how much more strength she is developing in her new program.

There it is – something to look towards, strive for, goals to be set and gainz to be had. Before there was nothing more than “don’t eat, drink lots and do as much steady state cardio as possible”. Now it’s eat more, but healthier. Lift heavy, but safely. And still drink – this is New Orleans after all.

Her Body Transformed

The second thing that happened was the transformation in her body. From a size 0 to a medium in shorts – her booty game is coming on strong! [Being forced to do lots of full depth squats will do that to you!]

In addition to having to buy a few new articles of clothing to fit those toned, fit and powerful legs, she got to wear a lot of the neglected clothes in the closet. How often do you look at tops with disgust thinking “whoever made this is an idiot, the fit is just terrible and it looks awful and I probably won’t ever wear this again but I’ll keep it because I paid for it and maybe one day it will be a part of a really creative costume”.

Let me tell you this; those are the clothes that you’ll end up loving the most! Clothes look best when the human body has muscles to fill them out properly. I’m not talking about bulking up – when a female tells me the want to get fit but not bulky I laugh. Believe me, if you don’t have the dedication or desire to get bulky, you won’t get bulky. But this is a rant for another time.

If anyone at the gym is reading this – you probably know who I’m talking about. I pretty much gave it away with the “this girl can talk” comment.

Ok, wrap it up – bring it back to that confidence bit…


When you pull the power from outside observers, you enable yourself to live your own life, for your amusement – not theirs. Do this through building strength for yourself.

Fail at lifts (safely). When you realize it’s ok to fail, you start taking more shots at what you want in the gym and in life.  Strength builds mental fortitude.

Additionally, others’ opinions don’t matter because you are strong as shit, you can wear pretty much whatever you want and look damn sexy and you have a huge community of people at your gym that love you and cheer really, really hard for you during the toughest, most grueling workouts ever. #LongestSentenceEver You have those people in your corner and everyone else can go suck it. #fitfam #312geaux

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