Carbing Up

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Last week I posted a message on our GPT member’s group to encourage everyone to eat a healthy meal before today’s workout. It was a 25 minute burner that truly sucked. It’s designed to burn fat and increase aerobic capacity (VO2 Max).

This means, the first part of the exercise is designed to completely deplete your muscle cells of its fuel (glycogen). The rest of the workout will primarily use oxygen as a means of energy, which isn’t great for thrusters. Might work well for mile 6 – 20 of a marathon, but doesn’t look good for thrusters.

So I told people to carb up. When I said this, my post lit up! Some members comically thought, “Carb up? Beaux said carb up! Why yes, i’ll take that with a scone on the side and eat this zebra cake on my way to the gym.”


After I cleaned the vomit off the mats (kidding of course), I had to inform the krewe that not all carbs are the same. Some are good carbs but most are bad.

So what carbs are good carbs and when should you eat them?

Conveniently good question, Beaux, thanks for asking yourself.

Good Carbs

Good carbs are referred to as “complex carbs” and have a “low-glycemic index.” This is like long division. It takes a long time to figure out which gives your body more chances to use it for energy. You can also think of this as putting a dense log onto a fire. It’ll burn longer.

Bad Carbs

Bad carbs are like simple math – easy to process and breakdown and must be used pronto otherwise they get bum rushed to the liver where they are stored as fat. Using our log burning analogy, think of simple sugars as kindling. If you’re building a bonfire, you wouldn’t build the whole thing out of kindling, would you?


Good Carbs : Pretty much anything you can buy at a farmer’s market. Fruits and veggies are a great source of carbs. Fruits have a lot of sugar so eat them either early in the morning, before or after exercise. You can also add some fruit to salads since leafy greens have an excellent amount of naturally occurring fiber.  Eating raw veggies is also good, but sometimes not as great tasting.

Bad Carbs : Pretty much anything you can by in a package, it is therefor been processed. If you must have a Snickers, plan to eat it after your workout as a treat.

Fat Loss Effects

When looking at glycemic index, it’s now clear that we want carbs on the lower end of the spectrum. The lower a food is on this scale, the longer the sugars take to break down, which means a couple things

  1. Your blood sugar will remain stable longer
  2. You will feel fuller longer
  3. More sustained energy
  4. Insulin levels don’t spike


If you have any question, ask yourself this, “how will my body react to this food? how do I want my body to react to this food? will this benefit my goals?”

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