3 Big DO NOTs of New Year Resolutions

Looking to create a lasting resolution this year for your fitness goals? Avoid these 3 things to make sure you stay true to your goals.

  1. Don’t do it alone. There’s no reason whatsoever to believe that you’re on your own. Find a group (not just one person) to help you. A group mentality will make sure progress is attained whereas one other person can actually assist you in dropping off your goal path as they might dwindle in enthusiasm. Group-think is different. Groups help you to move forwards no matter what.

  2. Don’t get injured. Stay healthy and avoid costly mistakes that could force you to the sidelines. Start slowly, with light weight and correct form. Stretch often, especially when the body is warm. (Message me for helpful advice on stretching). In addition to reducing the risk of injury, flexibility training will also help you recover from your workouts and feel better, more limber afterwards.

  3. Don’t do too much too soon. Your body will need time to adapt. If you overwork it too quickly you will put your immune system at risk and burn yourself out. In your first month on a new fitness program, take at least 3 rest days, maybe 4. After month 3, you may reduce that to 2-3 rest days. Give your body a chance to recover and build up a tolerance to the new stresses you’re subjecting it to. And also, give yourself a chance to miss it. If you have to force yourself to rest, you’re doing something right!

Obviously there are a million TO-DOs in order to ensure completion of New Year Resolutions, but I hope these DON’Ts help give you some strategies as well.

If you have any questions about choosing a training program for this New Year, i’m happy to chat, provide advice or insight if possible!

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